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Who We Are ?

Rakam Halı started the production and international trade on 1940. Between 1940-1955 Rakam Halı used Turkish origin pull looms, where the products were handmade; between 1955-1975 Turkish origin one engine non-elecronic jacquard looms, where the production was made electronically; between 1975-1990 Turkish origin multi-engine electronical jacquard looms, where the production was made electronically; after 1990's cutting edge technology Belgium origin electronical looms, that seizes the computer based production; Rakam Halı has sucessfully adopted innovatie changes so far.From this point on, our company has strictly followed the technology both in physical and technical hardware; continued the its sytematic production by adopting the innnovations in the quickest way.

Being active on a facility with 25.000 m2 indoor area, our company is on of the prominent manufacturers of the sector. Our production line consists of area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets that are made of such raw materials like P.P. BCF, Heat-Set,Frize, Shaggy, acrylic and polyester. Our yearly area rug production capacity is 12.000.000 m2. Also our yearly P.P. thread production is 12.000 ton.

By virtue of its production line, self product threads, manufatcturing the highest level area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets by use of modern technical hardware, tradtional and modern machinery and latest weaving systems, we have taken our rightful place in machinery manufactured carpet sector.

Every step of our modern manufaturing from thread weaving to carving and to carpet shaving is made by best experts of the sector. During the production of these we use the best technolgy that raises our products' quality to the top level, and also by reflecting this advantage to quality and commercial competition, we show our customers the difference of working with Rakam Halı. All of these reasons are the main factors of our success and becoming a leading manufacturer and exporter company.

Why Rakam Carpet?

-Perfect customer service and compatible price policy
-Production made by best experts
-Innovative spirit that provides the sector with changes
-Producion of our own thread, that complies with global trends and offering constantly the most exciting innovaions
-Flexible management and marketing concept that solves all kind of problems, without considering time and wor period


Our brandmarks

Gümüşser Carper

Gümüşser Carpet

Our brand Gümüşser offers you the same quality and style

Begendi Carpet

Beğendi Carpet

Our brand Beğend offers you the same quality and style