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Carpet maintenance and Cleaning

Either you like walking on barefoot or not, never forget to take your shoes before entering your home.
Wonder why?

Imagine the things under your footbed. All the dirt on the street penetrates into carpet fibre and shortens its life. However applying appropriate measures on carpet maintenance will extend its life and help the carpet to mainntain its look on first day for long years.

It must be kept in mind that during in carpet cleaning, regular vaccuming will be more efficient enugh than using carpet shampoo. If you look closer to your footbeds, it won't be surprising to find a wider range of dirt on it. Don't forget that all these stubborn dirst were brought to your carpet with your shoes, by you. Under these circumstences it is totally up to you to step on your carpet with a shoe or a sock.

In carpet cleaning, various techniques are applied. One of these techniques are suggestes by experts while, some of them are only traditional techniques. For instance it is said that applying foam on dirt on the carpet and waiting for 15 min will be enough. Another practical suggestion for this is, rinsing the carpet with a mixture of vinegar and water will remove the dirt forever.


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